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John Trujillo, alias Black Condor is the third hero of that name. Like his predecessors, he is a member of the Freedom Fighters.


John is a Navajo who was given wind and earth powers by the Spider Woman.[1] He has joined Uncle Sam's Freedom Fighters to protect America. He first appears when he singlehandedly rescues Uncle Sam and the other Freedom Fighters who had been defeated by agents of S.H.A.D.E.. Trujillo is very serious and seems somewhat uncomfortable interacting with other people.

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  • Divine Empowerment: John was given the hereditary powers of the Black Condor by the Spider Woman, a Native American sky goddess.[1]
    • Flight: Tocatl gave Black Condor black feathery wings, which sprout from his shoulders. With them, he has the ability to fly at great speeds.
    • Aerokinesis: He also has the ability to manipulate the wind. He can create large blasts of air that can cover city blocks. He can spin the winds into a whirlwind, knocking out creatures with concussive force.
    • Superhuman Strength: Black Condor also draws strength from the Earth, giving him superhuman strength, agility and a higher resilience to pain.
    • Superhuman Speed:


  • Dialogue between John and Phantom Lady hints that he may be a virgin. [citation needed]



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