Jack Williamson was a science fiction writer writing for Amazing Stories, a publisher in New York City. Due to falling sales and the war in Europe, Amazing Stories' publisher, Hugo Gernsback, was looking for a way to boost sales. He took into account the publics' fascination with superheroes and decided to hire Justice Society member Johnny Thunder, who had been sending in submissions for weeks, to write these stories. Unfortunately, Johnny's writing skills weren't great. Hugo sent Jack to help Johnny with his writing. Jack quickly grew to like Johnny as the two worked on Johnny's writing. Jack turned in his next story but was angered when Gernsback printed the writing credits to Johnny. This event prompted Jack to quit writing for Amazing Stories and head back to his childhood home in New Mexico. On the way, Jack was abducted by one of the JSA's foes, Lord Dynamo, who wanted Jack to be his autobiographer. Johnny and his teammates came to Jack's aid; they saved Jack and defeated Lord Dynamo. The whole adventure convinced Jack he should continue writing and he headed back to New York to negotiate better writing terms with Amazing Stories.[1]

  • This character is a fictional representation of Jack Williamson, a real person. More information on this person can be found at



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