Johnny Rancid was a new guy in Jump City when he started his crime spree. He began by riding around town and shooting traffic lights to startle civilians. Robin arrived on his motorcycle, but Rancid was too fast. Robin ended up crashing on the bridge so Rancid escaped his first crime.

Rancid, not happy enough that he caused Robin's broken arm, continued his crime spree soon after. The four other Teen Titans could not catch up to him on his motorcycle. Rancid again got away when reality was broken by Larry the Titan.

Later, on Titans Tower, the source of broken reality was spewing out of the top. Johnny Rancid got to the top before the Titans did and jumped into the light. When he got out, Rancid was superpowered and controlled reality.

Robin and Larry went after Johnny Rancid in a motorcycle race. Rancid was too fast, so Robin had trouble catching up. The heroes eventually defeated Rancid by kicking him off his motorcycle. Johnny lost control of reality and Larry was able to restore it. Rancid was most likely taken to jail soon after.

When the Brotherhood of Evil began its purge of heroes, Johnny Rancid was recruited. He was sent after the twin heroes Mas y Menos. Rancid was half successful when he abducted Menos but left Mas.

In the Brotherhood's base in France, Johnny Rancid was among the villains who took place in the all out brawl during the Titans' siege. Rancid was beaten and cryogenically frozen. He, along with the rest of the villains, were most likely brought to jail yet again.


  • Johnny Rancid Teen Titans

    Reality Master Johnny Rancid

    Flight (Formerly): When Rancid gained the ability to control reality, his motorcycle in turn gained the ability to fly. When Johnny lost control of reality, he lost his power of flight as well.


  • Expert Motorcycle Driver: Rancid can drive and do expert tricks on his motorcycle. Rancid's motorcycle driving skills are higher than those of Robin.[1]
  • Marksman: Rancid is an expert with his dual pistols. He is able to hit both of Robin's birdarangs with excellent accuracy while riding his motorcycle.[1]


  • Johnny Rancid's Motorcycle: Johnny Rancid's motorcycle is his signature item. Rancid is an expert at driving his motorcycle.


  • Dual Laser Pistols: Rancid typically is seen with his pistol that he shoots while riding his motorcycle.



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