Johnny Ray-Gun was a member of the Paladins.

Johnny Ray-Gun was born in Oklahoma, where he learned to ride and shoot. He supported himself in Oklahoma as a cowboy, corralling cattle. One day in 1945, he broke his arm while riding, and was reassigned to the chuck wagon while the other men rode out. That night, the cattle were attacked by a group of alien 'Day-Mole-Mites' (a group connected to Slyxx), who ate most of the cattle and proceeded to eat the cowboys. Johnny knocked out one of the aliens with a pan full of food, stole his guns and shot all the aliens. After burying the dead cowboys, he took the chuck wagon to the Kiowa County sheriff's department and explained his story. Having convinced the sheriffs that he was telling the truth, he decided to keep the guns and use them to fight evil, on the grounds that one never knows "when those {aliens} will show up again all hungry and what-not."

Johnny Ray-Gun and other metahumans later served in World War Two and was one of the 'lost generation' of heroes and villains that were abducted into the Number of the Beast program. Johnny was placed into the NOTB simulation and has joined the superhero team the Paladins. Since the High freed the metahumans from the NOTB program, Johnny Ray-Gun was recently fighting alongside his team and the Authority against the clones of the High, known as Reapers, on the Carrier prior and after its crash landing in London, England.



  • Daemonite Photon-Blasters



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