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Johnny Viti was the son of Carla Viti, the head of Chicago's major crime empire.

Johnny was one of Carmine Falcone's hitmen used to kidnap Lt. James Gordon's son in order to keep him from investagating Commissioner Loeb, the attempt failed by the intervention of both Gordon and Batman.[1] Afterwards because of the fear that Johnny would testify aganist him, his Uncle Carmine Falcone tried to kill him. This opened a short "war" between Johnny's mother and Falcone. The war ended and the following June, the same month Johnny was married and Falcone paid for the wedding. Falcone ordered Johnny on a hit to kill Richard Daniel in August when the bank president resgined after being confronted by Batman at scared into resigning. Johnny gunned down Daniel in front of a movie theater right in front of Daniel's wife. Johnny Viti was the first Holiday victim being killed on Halloween.[2]




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