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Joker's Daughter is a sorceress who ran a night club in Berlin with her slave Zatanna.

One night, Joker's Daughter plays host to a group of Nazis, led by Edel Nacht. After being entertained by Zatanna, Zatanna recognizes John Constantine, her former lover, among the German soldiers. Zatanna turns Constantine into a rabbit and Edel Nacht tries to confiscate him from her.

He is distracted by Joker's Daughter, however, when she and Zatanna summon Tenebrus the Binder to make a deal with the German forces. If the Germans give the Tenebrae their dead, then the Tenebrae will help the Nazis win the war.

Joker's Daughter allows Zatanna to keep Constantine as a pet, planning on using him as more leverage to hold against her.




  • Joker's Mask

  • Joker's Daughter loved Zatanna in a different way than the other magical girls she enslaved, like Raven, whom she claimed to love like a daughter, while Zatanna she cared for, in her twisted way, as her love.[2]



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