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The Joker was a longtime enemy of Batman. He was a homicidal maniac with the likeness of a clown.


One Christmas Eve, he rigged the Batmobile to explode when Batman turned off its security system. His tampering worked, and Joker kidnapped his arch-nemesis and buried him alive in the Gotham Cemetery.

He then tracked down Bob Cratchit, a former henchman who lost Joker's package in a confrontation with Batman. He was let in their home by a terrified Tim Cratchit. He begin laying out tools of torture on the table and demanded to know where Bob is. When he threatened Tim's life, Bob got the nerve to come out with a baseball bat and threaten his one-time employer. Unfortunately, The Joker dodged the blow quickly and placed the muzzle of a revolver in his face. He demanded his package, and me it clear that he will kill to get it.

Suddenly, Batman smashed through the window and knocked Joker to the floor. Before the clown could retrieve his gun, Bob Cratchit grabbed it and turned the tables. He cried out that if the Joker wants to play games with his son's life, he will show him how to play, cocking the revolver. Joker dared him to fire, but Batman urged Bob to show his son that he is not a criminal; to show him what a hero is. Reluctantly, Bob let the weapon drop, and Batman delivered the Joker to the Gotham City Police Department. Joker was then locked away in Arkham Asylum.[1]


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