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Quote1 You could have prevented everything... Instead, you made me into this. Quote2
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A psychotic inmate of Gotham City's infamous Arkham Asylum.

His past is an utter mystery (no one even knows when he arrived at the asylum), but he is somehow well aware of the dark history between the Arkhams and Thomas Wayne that led to the former's deaths and their daughter's transformation into her persona of Lady Arkham.

When Bruce Wayne was commited to Arkham Asylum after being drugged by Vale into attacking Oswald Cobblepot, John Doe saved him from being beaten by two vengeful inmates and strikes up an unusual camaraderie with Bruce. Afterwards, John told Bruce about his father's dealings with the Arkhams and Vale's intentions. He then offered to "help" Bruce to get a phone call in return for a personal future favor in which he caused a prison riot by provoking fellow inmate Victor Zsasz.

When Lady Arkham invaded the asylum in an attempt to release the inmates, John watched the entire chaos unfold and was fascinated by his first encounter with the Batman. A week later following Lady Arkham's death, John managed to leave the asylum and was at a bar watching a television news of the assassination attempt on either Bruce Wayne or James Gordon. He would also get involved with a criminal organization known as The Pact.

John would meet Bruce again at Lucius Fox's funeral, where he would make an unintentionally rude remark about Lucius's death, as well as give Bruce a "get well soon" card. As the sermon starts, John remarks to Bruce about how hard it was to readjust to society after having left Arkham Asylum, but also enthusiastically talks about the Pact and invites Bruce to join them. He would also give Bruce information about Riddler's operations in Gotham's East End. After the funeral, he sends Bruce information about Riddler's safe house in the East End.

While holding a group therapy session at The Stacked Deck, Bruce, under orders from Amanda Waller approaches him and takes up his offer to join the Pact. They, alongside Harley Quinn steal and hotwire a car and drive to Wayne Tower in order to obtain a Phalanx Key for an upcoming operation. Though they initially promised to stay put while Bruce would go get it himself, they ended up following him instead, knocking out a security guard and intimidating Regina Zellerbach in the process. When they arrived at the secret lab and vault, he looked around at the various tools and gadgets, including an EMP Generator, while Bruce figures out a way to enter the vault. When Bruce finally got into the vault, John stayed behind with Harley, but later followed when he wondered what took him so long, only to find Bruce talking to Tiffany Fox. Regardless of what happens during the encounter, John and Harley end up taking the Phalanx Key and EMP Generator back to their hideout.

While the Pact prepares for an upcoming attack on the Agency to retrieve Riddler's body, John sends Bruce an address where they would meet, and sends some men to bring him to their lair. He greets Bruce happily after he enters. While Bane and Harley argue about whether or not they should let him in the group, John distracts them by activating the EMP Generator to ensure that Bane doesn't kill him. As Bruce tries to get the approval of the other members of the pact, he enters John's room to grab some beer, with John remarking about how much Bane loves the specific type of beer. When the group voted on whether to grant Bruce membership, John voted for him, resulting either in a tie or a majority vote.

During the Pact's attack on the Agency, John stays behind while the rest engage in combat. He helped load Riddler's casket onto the back of the escape vehicle and remained out of combat. Depending on if Bruce saves Harley or Bane, John will either mourn Harley's loss in his room or help out in opening Riddler's casket.


Other Characteristics

  • John Doe was voiced by Anthony Ingruber.
  • This interpretation of the Joker is considered to be one of the character's more unique interpretations, considering the fact that players can determine who he becomes in the end and the fact he unusually showed larger interest in Bruce Wayne than he did with Batman before deducing they're the same person.
  • How Bruce treats John has a dramatic effect on his personality, if Bruce simply uses John as a tool against The Pact and doesn't trust him then John's personality will become homicidal and sadistic like most versions of the Joker.
    • However if Bruce chooses to trust John and actually view him as a friend then after helping Bruce and the Agency arrest Harley Quinn John realizes that nobody should have the Lotus Virus, leading to Amanda Waller almost murdering him. As a result of this John becomes an overzealous vigilante determined to punish Waller and the Agency for behaving like criminals.
  • In Telltale Batman universe, while he was John Doe his role in the Harley-Joker relationship switched. In this version, Harley Quinn is the dominant person while Joker is the one that obeys.
    • But, depending on the player's choices the relationship may become more of an equal partnership, but regardless of the player's choices the Joker betrays Harley and she begins to hate him.
  • The Joker is revealed to be attracted to Bruce Wayne/Batman while romantically pursuing Harley Quinn. Then-Director of Telltale Games, Kent Mudle, confirmed that the Joker is bisexual.[1]



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