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Quote1 No one likes a brassy, mouthy broad with a sense of humor. Except one. Let's call him Mistah J. Quote2
Harley Quinn src

Mistah J, as referred to by Harley Quinn, used to be her lover before the events of DC Bombshells.

The two used to live high despite the Great Depression thanks to their careers of "thieves", however that soon changes when Mistah J becomes an alcoholic and turns grim and angry. He starts getting an obsession not only with his own drinks, but also potions and elixirs. In his search for new brews, Mistah J and Harley end up in the Bayou to look for "the Belle of the Bog", revealed to be Batgirl. Harley explains that after that meeting Mistah J was never the same man anymore and so she left him behind.