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Quote1 He will stand over your body, with your blood on his hands, and I promise you he will laugh. Not because your life means nothing to him. But because death, for him, is the punch line. Quote2
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The Joker was a notorious gangster, mass murderer and terrorist operating in Gotham City, and the nemesis of the vigilante known as Batman.

He gained particular infamy among Gotham City's criminals due to his especially high body count.

After being treated at an insane asylum, the Joker was eventually released, setting his sights on reclaiming his criminal assets that had been acquired by other gang leaders in his absence. With the help of his right hand man Jonny Frost, he systematically hunted down, killed, and blackmailed various mobsters in order to take back what was previously his. However, his actions eventually attracted the gall of rival crime boss Harvey Dent a.k.a Two-Face, who compared him to a "disease" that the city can't afford to catch again. One day, as Frost was driving him to his destination, they were attacked by Dent's men and narrowly survived the shootout. This ignited a gang war, until Dent and Joker agreed to meet up to settle the dispute. Dent attempted to double cross him at the meeting, but the Joker gained the upperhand and warned Dent that if he continued, he would find a way to kill one of Dent's split personalities.

Becoming fearful and desperate, Dent activated the Bat-Signal and pleaded with Batman to help him. Batman traced the Joker to a bridge, where the Joker chastised him for being dull and predictable. He then asks Batman why he wears a theatrical suit to be feared by criminals that exposes his human face. Batman smugly replies that it is meant to mock him, and the two enemies clash for the final time.[1] This conflict eventually sent the two combatants over the bridge.[2] As Batman died of blood loss, Joker emerged from under the bridge laughing.[3]


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