Quote1 You may have repented your rebellion, you may have renounced the campaign to seize creation, but we have not! As you have taken a human vessel, so have we. Your plan to reconcile good and evil is known to us. It is heresy. We spurn it. And when your human vessel is destroyed, Batman, your work will finally be undone. For you, all is now lost. Quote2
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Joker was once a follower of Lucifer and was engaged in his rebellion against God.

When learning that Lucifer vowed to repent, he took a host and became his antagonist. He captured Lucifer's host, Simon Petrarch, and attempted to sadistically kill him, only to be rescued by his guardian angel, The Robin. He discovered that Robin was an innocent child so he kidnapped and tortured him to get to Batman. As Simon broke down after finding Jeremy, Joker tried to escape only be to eaten by Bathound.[1]






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