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Quote1 The criminal element. The evil in Gotham is getting stronger... and stronger. Quote2
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A serial killer whose face was stuck in a grin.

This man was a serial killer who married rich old ladies and then murdered them for their money. He killed ten women by poisoning them with strychnine. When he was caught by the Gotham City Police Department he attempted to commit suicide by drinking his own poison. Instead of killing him, it simply paralyzed his face into a horrible grin.[1]

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  • This character is clearly intended as an Elseworlds version of the Joker although he never uses that name in continuity. His only appearance was a picture on a wanted poster in Gotham City Police Headquarters.
  • Joker (Earth-19) appears as Gaslight Joker, a playable character, in the Infinite Crisis video game.



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