In the dimensional reality known as Earth-2, as with most incarnations of the Joker, the Earth-2 Joker's origin is suggested to be the result of his confrontation with Batman. Like most other incarnations, the Earth-2 Joker has made it his personal lifelong ambition to confront and battle the Batman native to his source Earth. Unlike the Pre-Crisis Earth-Two Joker, this Joker has accepted the fact that he has outlived his original adversary as it is suggested that he directly killed Wayne by his own statements and that of Wayne's daughter the Huntress. This would make the Earth-2 Joker the only known Joker to actually kill Bruce Wayne.

The Earth-2 Joker continued his personal battle against the original Batman's successors and supporters, most notably Robin and Huntress of his source Earth. It was his own determination to continue the war with Wayne and his successors to keep the war going despite the main villains dying of old age such as the Earth-2 Riddler and Two-Face. Unable to keep the fight going himself, he decided to recreate Two Face by destroying the face of the current District Attorney of Gotham City Harry Simms, hoping to recreate Two-Face.

Helena Wayne decided upon the deformation of Harry Simms to kill Joker and end his desire to keep the war going despite his own failing health. Teaming up with Kara-L of Earth-Two/New Earth, Helena went out to directly kill the Joker at his base of operations. Though unintended, Helena got her wish as the Joker's attack on her with his lethal joy-buzzer backfired against Kara-L's superhuman endurance and electrocuted him.

Though like the Joker of the alternate future reality (The Dark Knight Returns), the Earth-2 Joker succeeded in getting the heroine to make the decision to cross the line regarding being willing to kill and actually enjoy his death, despite the fact that the Huntress did not actually do the deed that killed him.

The Earth-2 Joker knew the secret identity of Batman, Robin and Huntress. It is unknown if he revealed their identities publicly.

This Joker wore a variant of the Comedian's blood stained button which would turn up in the Rebirth Batman's cave.



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