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The Joker was a constant nemesis of Batman and Robin.

In 1949, he teamed up with Lex Luthor (who secretly was the Ultra-Humanite using Luthor's body) after being broken out of a Soviet Union prison camp in order to steal a sample of Gold Kryptonite from a Gotham City laboratory. They then had Clark Kent's (Superman's) wife Lois Lane Kent, who at the time was pregnant with Joel Perry Kent, kidnapped so they could draw Superman out. Bruce Wayne (Batman) broke into the lair disguised as Superman in the hopes of rescuing Lois Lane and stopping the Joker, but he was shot at by Luthor and revealed to be Batman. Dick Grayson (Robin) followed, also disguised as Superman, willing to surrender himself and his powers to Gold Kryptonite exposure if that ensured Lois Lane Kent's safety. As Lex attempted to open the case that held the Gold Kryptonite, a beam of heat vision melted the handle to the case -- the beam which came from the real Superman, who now appeared. The Joker tried to make his escape by holding Lois at gunpoint, but Batman, who was playing possum with the help of Superman, knocked him out cold.

Around the late 1960s, Dick Grayson (Batman) and Bruce Wayne Jr. (Robin) were on the case of solving the mystery of "Joker Junior", whom the Joker claimed was neither his son nor a trained protege. In 1969, Robin discovered that the Joker was secreting his way out of Rock Island prison under the guise of "Joker Junior" and had access to the plans of the Gotham Diamond Exchange building, while Batman discovered that "Junior" had bought the building and built traps in it to kill him. Robin tried to stop the Joker from killing his partner, but was too late. As he turned himself into the police, revealing himself to be "Joker Junior" and that he had killed the Batman, Bruce Jr. turned the tables on that claim by dressing himself in a spare Batsuit and putting his partner Dick in his Robin uniform while covering his face, saying that the Joker didn't kill Batman but rather Robin.

Around the middle of the 1970s, the Joker had been moved to Arkham Asylum due to suffering from torments that Bruce Wayne Jr. (Batman) suspected were supernatural. He enlisted the help of Boston Brand (Deadman), who entered the Joker's mind and realized that he was being tormented by the ghost of Dick Grayson, who sought revenge on the Joker. Bruce Wayne Sr. had the ghost of Alfred Pennyworth speak to the ghost of Dick, having him see that the Joker was too old and frail to hurt anyone. Though Dick's spirit was now out of the Joker's mind, he became rather weak towards his death and had Bruce Wayne Sr. appear as Batman with the request of learning his adversary's identity so he could die a happy man. Bruce refused to grant this request, saying that for all the misery the Joker had caused, he was the last man Batman should ever see die happy.


Ingenuity in creating devious traps for Batman


Mentally unstable



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