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Quote1 See, Batsss... we're running out of time, you and me. We need to evolve, and fast, or we'll miss our chance. There is no 'by the book' anymore. I threw the damn thing out. Burned it. Every story, every character, one by one... all the cops, all the villains... looking for that breaking point. The joke too far. Quote2
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The Joker was an enemy of Batman that, after discovering his identity, set in motion a penultimate endgame plot against the hero to once and for all destroy him and the city.

After killing the rest of Batman's rogues gallery, the Joker killed Commissioner Gordon by making him dissolve in acid. With Batman incapacitated by a paralysis poison, the Joker forced the Bat to watch as he murdered a group of parents in front of their children, reminiscent of Wayne's own parents' deaths, and then drove the children insane with Joker Venom. Having had enough, Batman broke free and beat the Joker senseless before finally snapping his neck. Unbeknownst to Batman, killing the Joker activated a chemical within the madman that would turn the person closest to his corpse into the next Joker.


Other Characteristics

  • Mental Disorder
  • Illness: The chemicals that drove the Joker insane were slowly eating away at his body. If Batman hadn't killed him, the clown's body would have failed him anyway.



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