Quote1.png I know the truth, Owlman. I know why you try to control Gotham. But you can't. You can't control them. HAHAHAHAHAHA. Quote2.png
Joker src

On Earth 3, the Joker is the anarchy to Owlman's tyranny.

The Joker was forcefully dropped into the pit by Owlman. He challenged Owlman's authority through criminal acts against him and the corrupt city police. The man pretended to be crazy to justify his acts and although he seemed unconcerned about the consequences this could bring, he was emotionally hurt by all innocent deaths that he caused.

Talon decided to try to capture the Joker, to show his superiority to Owlman. The Joker defeats and kills him, mutilates his body and sends it in gift boxes to Owlman. This is a devastating blow to the tyrant of Gotham, who is shocked to witness the corpse of whom he considered his brother. Joker goes on the offensive and tries to kill his nemesis but is stopped by the Outsider, who shoots him in the right hand, shattering it. The Joker poisons Pennyworth as revenge, but fails to kill him. Owlman, furious at what the Joker has done to his two biggest allies, throws him to the propellers of a moving helicopter killing him instantly.[1]






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