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Quote1 So this is how it ends... With the crazy cut out... And left to putrefy on a cold, stainless steel surgical tray. Ha. Just like they used to do in the good old days. Quote2
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The Joker is a homicidal maniac and the archenemy of Batman.

Before Futures End

Joker and Harley have reunited.[1]

35 Years from now (Original Timeline)

After the world was overrun by Brother Eye, the Joker succumbed to the monstrous computer intelligence, much like the majority of the world's heroes and villains. Unlike the others, Brother Eye chose not to assimilate Joker, instead deciding to keep him for a special purpose. While imprisoned, the Joker wasted away as was fed nutrients through a tube until his spirit broke, leaving him begging for death.

Finally, though, Frankenstein arrived to fetch him, revealing that Batman had also been captured, rather than killed. This was enough to snap the Joker out of his despondency, punctuated by his characteristic laugh.[2]

After discovering how Batman sent Terry McGinnis back in time, Frankenstein proceeded to perform a strange and twisted surgery on the Joker and Batman. Eventually he "merged" the two, placing Batman in a suit which served the purpose of Brother Eye's cause but with the Joker's head attached to the back of Batman's. This twisted abomination created by Frankenstein was then brought before Mr. Terrific as Brother Eye's assassin to go back in time.

Altered Timeline

Supposedly, immediately after the Joker's death (in an incident rumoured to have involved Batman, a dirty bomb, and a snow plough), his body was cryogenically frozen,[3] and through as-yet unknown means, Carter Wilson, aka Terminal, the leader of a gang of Jokerz, set about using as-yet unknown medical procedures to resurrect the Joker, who while in poor condition ordered them to kidnap Dana Tan, ex-girlfriend of Terry McGinnis, in order to use her as leverage against Batman.[4] However this was simply a lie told by Terminal in order to control The Jokerz to do his bidding, while using a comatose Bruce Wayne, disguised as the Joker, to access Wayne-Powers funding and secret Projects.

Having inexplicably survived his final encounter with Batman, an elderly Joker inflitrated The Jokerz wearing a hoodie and baseball cap as a disguise, before fleeing with Terminal to Wayne-Powers Industries. While there, stealing funds and the top-secret Keystone Project, the two were faced by Terry. As Terry fought against Terminal, The Joker woke up Bruce from his sleep, told him that he "loved loved loved" his makeup, before throwing Bruce off the side of the tower. Terry, left with no other option, abandoned his fight with Terminal to save Bruce, and while he was extracted, Joker and Terminal escaped in a damage flying car, which eventually crashed in the woods outside Neo-Gotham. When Terminal asked The Joker for a crowbar to lift the car and get at its' engine, The Joker instead revealed his identity to Terminal and beat him to death with it for his insolence, while laughing maniacally.[5]



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