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The Joker was the archenemy of Bruce Wayne, AKA Batman. After finally killing his foe, he felt without a purpose and retired from villainy.

After a long and heated war with Batman, Joker finally managed to kill his archenemy. At Bruce's public service where friends, civilians, and former villains alike came to pay their respects, Joker planned to detonate a bomb of Smilex strapped to his chest as a final "joke". However, he noticed that everybody around him had not succumbed to despair, instead being grateful for the Caped Crusader's lifetime of heroics. Joker then realized that he was the only one feeling empty, as he had killed the only opponent he saw as an equal. Horrified by what he had done, Joker abandoned his plan and decided to start a new life.

He then became an obstructive employee at the Gotham Department of Motor Vehicles to still fulfill his sadistic desires.[1]


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