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Quote1 We've had many adventures together, he and I. I've been at his side practically his whole life. Through the bad times, and the good. This case, like I said, it felt different from the start. We both sensed it. That this one was... stranger. Darker... But there was no turning back now. It was too late... And so with that, we set out for parts unknown, Batman and I... on one last adventure together. Quote2
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The Joker is a former criminal and partner of Batman.

The Joker is a former criminal mastermind and the nemesis of Batman, a vigilante and hero in Gotham City. When the world started tipping into chaos, he designed one final case planned for Bruce. Using Project Cadmus, he created the body of a child whose DNA was based on that of his parents' murderer Joe Chill. He planted fake records to make it look like all records of the child had been erased by the Wayne Estate as he had died due to a drunk Thomas Wayne operating on him. Joker left the corpse in Crime Alley, so Bruce would recover it and think that Chill had actually killed his parents in revenge and not for Martha's pearls, intending it as an examination, thinking that he was making his resolve stronger as he could sense what was coming.

After Superman and Lex Luthor held a final debate over good and evil, the public started attacking and killing the superheroes, while also turning on the supervillains. The League met at the Hall of Justice to figure out a final option of solving the crisis, but Batman chose to open the doors to the agitated mob. A mysterious entity named Omega later arose in Gotham City and laid waste to most of the planet, while acquiring control of the Anti-Life Equation. It is unknown what exactly happened to the Joker during the time period of these events.

Bruce's butler Alfred however at one point in time had him dismembered and kept his head alive in a jar which he hung out in a desert as punishment. A clone of Bruce however discovered him and decided to bring him along in order to find answers to what had happened to the world. Joker will share a long journey with the new Batman during which they were joined by Diana of Themyscira. He will regularly annoy Batman, though also offering helpful advice along the way.

When they reached Gotham, they were confronted by The Talons of the Court of Owls, who had turned into a resistance group against Omega's regime and were led by Dick Grayson. They were then taken to the Batcave where their allies were hiding, staying out of Omega's signal due to the late Tim Drake's blocker. They initially thought that Omega may be another Bruce clone like him as only his DNA could open the Wayne Tower. Learning that Omega planned to make the signal stronger and unblockable using an amplifier on Arkham Island, Bruce convinced them to fight back.

Joker was placed inside Tim Drake's Robin robot suit, adopting the alias of Robin, despite some like Barbara distrusting him. He travelled with Batman to the Wayne Tower and saved him from being killed by Omega's forces. When they entered inside the Wayne Tower, they were ambushed by Omega who revealed himself to be the original Bruce Wayne. Joker broke free of his restraints and attacked him to free the clone before he was brainwashed into being a servant of Bruce, but was nearly beaten to death.

He however survived and asked the clone to not give up, stating that he was the real Batman now and not the original Bruce. Inspired by his words, Batman broke free of his restraints and killed Omega, freeing the world from his tyrannical grasp. He later joined a new team of heroes alongside Batman, the surviving members of Batman Family, Diana and her New Amazons. He was present when Batman decided to bring a baby Kal-El into their world and raise him up to be a hero, being delighted alongside Diana upon beholding the baby.


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  • Tim Drake's robot suit: The robot suit given to him by the Batman Family responds to the thoughts of a user. It carries massive firepower and is capable of dealing significant physical injury with its mechanical limbs.



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