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Quote1 It's all a @%@%# act! There's no insanity to you, there's no laughter. You're not like us. Riddler, Penguin, Two-Face, Croc, Clock King, all of us, we're all @%#@ insane, out of our minds. You're just a guy on stage saying his #%@$% lines, hoping everyone claps at the end. No! You're like him! Just @%#@$ exactly like him! You wear a costume and an attitude to hide the stupid #%@# truth! You know exactly what you're doing. You know why you're doing it! You know wrong from right and just chose a @$%## side! Quote2
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In a possible future, The Joker moved to Port Orange, Florida in his older age.

The Cat and the Clown

Batman Catwoman Vol 1 10 Textless Cover C Variant

The Joker vs. Catwoman.

Catwoman broke into the home of Jimmy the Lion with the intent of stealing his necklace. The Joker arrived before her and murdered the criminal enforcer, but still gave her the necklace.[1] As Batman was investigating the murder, Selina visited Joker's hideout to admonish him for getting her involved and giving back the necklace.[2] Joker later found her during one of her heists and told her of his next scheme, giving her the dilemma of either letting people die or intervening and having to explain their friendship to Batman. Selina decided to tell him, but the bomb ended up not going off.[3]

Later, Joker spent the night with a drunken Selina decorating a Christmas tree Batman had given her.[4] Another night, Selina met up with Joker and asked him if she was to blame for his actions. He told her she was and then took out a gun and asked for Batman's identity.[5] Catwoman acted in self defense, but came to the realization that The Joker was all an act.[6] After a brief fight, Selina decided they were no longer friends.[7] She returned to his hideout with Batman and the two apprehended the Clown Prince of Crime.[8]

Return of the Phantasm

Discovering Andrew Beaumont, the supposed son of Bruce Wayne and Andrea Beaumont, he killed the boy with Joker Venom.[9] Enraged, Beaumont returned to being Phantasm and started hunting down Joker's henchmen hoping to find him. Joker activated the Bat-Signal and surrendered to Batman and Catwoman.[2]

Selina Kyle Last Rites 0004

Catwoman attempts to kill The Joker.

Catwoman and Phantasm went to his cell to kill him, but he revealed the truth about Andrew to Andrea and they disappeared.[10] They went to Andrew's parents and revealed Andrew's fate, only for Joker to try and kill her. Batman and Catwoman arrived to stop him, so Joker kicked a bomb he had smuggled in at them.[6] Everyone but he and Selina were knocked out. The two fought and she almost killed him, but was stopped by Bruce.[7]

Seabird Island

Joker quit super-villainy and raised two children. After they moved out, Joker retired in a community in Port Orange, Florida. After the death of Bruce Wayne, Selina Wayne left Gotham City to confronted The Joker. After informing him of Bruce's fate, she revealed there was now no one to stop her from killing her.[1] Joker tried to defend himself, but Selina overpowered him and sliced his throat with her fingernail.[2]



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