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The Joker was the arch-nemesis of the Caped Crusaders Batman and Robin. He was often accompanied by a cackling pet hyena, which he appropriately named Giggles.

The Joker committed several outrageous crimes throughout his career, most of which involving theft. Like his contemporary the Riddler, the Joker enjoyed taunting Batman with clues to his crimes, baiting the Batman to outwit him. In one case, the Joker impersonated a scientist named Professor Julius Irwin and stole Irwin's untested prototype hydro-electric sports car. Dubbing it the "Aquacar", the Joker stored the vehicle in Gotham's waterfront district with plans of selling it to the highest bidder. Robin attempted to collar the Joker on his own, but the Joker managed to turn the tables on him, catching Robin in a fishing net. He then impersonated Robin's voice and called Batman, hoping to lure him into an ambush. Batman figured out that he was walking into a trap, and managed to avoid being caught. He captured the Joker in a net whereupon he was duly arrested by Commissioner Gordon.





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