The Joker was a psychopathic mass-murderer and the father of Joker Jr.

The Joker was an insane violent criminal and an enemy of Batman. After her former assistant Harley Quinn killed The Penguin and decided to leave Coney Island, he convinced her to rejoin her.[1]

Harleey agreed to work with him as a partner on the condition that there will be no killing. Joker agreed, but secretly betrayed her trust by spraying a bank guard with a modified Joker Venom that had a delayed reaction. Harley then decided to call the Justice League of America on him.[2][3]

After getting the tipoff, the JLA tried to apprehend him but he set off bombs just as they arrived. The resulting smoke impaired their vision. As Lobo tried to find him in order to kill him, he bumped into Aquaman who was trying to stop him. However, Aquaman ended up himself accidentally decapitating the Joker. His corpse was buried in Atlantis.[4]

What was unknown to Harley was that the Joker had impregnated her until she fainted while beating up a party clown due to her hate for the Joker.[4] After she gave birth to her baby, she decided to give it up due to her trauma and shame. The child who would be passed around various orphanages and foster homes was filled with hatred for her and decided to become like his father after realizing how much he looked like her, while also adopting the Joker's name.[5]

Though everyone presumed the Joker was dead, he was still alive with his brain attached to a robot body displaying his face on a screen attached to its torso. The Joker had been watching Harley's journey the entire time onboard a space satellite.[5]




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