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Joker is a notorious clown-themed criminal and the last Batman villain to be targeted by Killer Croc's offspring.

Ever since the last villain meeting, every member of Batman's rogues gallery has been mauled to near death by an unnamed creature.[1] Joker believed that Batman was the one attacking them, and as their numbers went down, Joker grew more desperate, bouncing around Gotham while gathering all the henchmen he could to fight an unhinged Batman. Unbeknownst to the Joker, one of his recruits was a Batman informant.

Joker took 26 hostages at Gotham Botanic Gardens, hoping to get the attention of law enforcers. Batman heard the ruckus through the radio and headed towards the site. He easily dispatched the henchmen with the help of his informant, who also guided the hostages to the nearest exit. Joker fled to a secret grotto in the botanic garden and taunted Batman to find him and hurt him. Batman repeatedly tried to tell Joker he wasn't responsible to what happened to the rest of the rogues, but Joker was to excited to listen. He didn't know the growls he heard belonged to something else.

Joker was last seen being carried to an ambulance by the medical team. He was still alive, despite being mauled beyond recognition.[2]


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