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Quote1 I went crazy! And I'm smart enough to admit it! Why can't you?! By clinging to reality, you're denying the reality of the situation! I mean, do you ever think about how many times we've come close to World War III over a flock of geese on a computer screen? Silly goose, it's all a joke, everything anybody's ever valued or struggled for, it's monstrous! Why can't you see the funny side?! WHY AREN'T YOU LAUGHING?! Quote2
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The Joker has been a constant nemesis of the Batman, although his past is so shrouded in mystery, even he isn't sure of what he was before he became the Joker.

In what was revealed in the movie, the Joker was supposedly a failed comedian who tried to get a performance gig so that he could support his pregnant wife Jeannie while living in a dilapidated apartment building. Out of desperation, he came into contact with two criminals who were planning a heist of the playing card company that was next to the chemical plant where he once worked, and for his help, they would provide him with anonymity by having him wear the mask and cape of the Red Hood, a criminal alias used by others before him. The comedian accepted the job, hoping that it would turn his fortunes around, but shortly afterward he received news from the police that his wife Jeannie had died in an accident involving a faulty electrical appliance. Although he tried to talk his way out of going ahead with the robbery, the two criminals pressured him into doing so at the threat of his own life. As they were entering the chemical plant building that night, the police gunned down the two criminals and was chasing the comedian who was now the Red Hood. Batman came onto the scene and confronted the comedian, who then fell into a vat of chemicals by accident and escaped into the river. Upon removing the hood, the comedian saw that his skin was bleached white, his hair turned a bright shade of green, and his lips became blood red. Realizing that the world had become a sick demented joke at the moment, the comedian snapped as he laughed hysterically, becoming the Joker.

At the present time of the story, the Joker had escaped from Arkham Asylum and had "purchased" the Bonus Brothers carnival, injecting its owner with his Joker toxin as he shook hands. With the carnival location renovated, he visited the residence of Commissioner James Gordon, whose daughter Barbara was visiting him at that moment, paralyzing Barbara with a single gun shot to the abdomen and having his hired muscle knock out her father James before undressing Barbara and taking pictures of her naked wounded body. With James Gordon awake, stripped naked, and under his control, the Joker took the police commissioner on a trip through a fun house ride where he showed pictures of Barbara's naked wounded body in the hopes of driving James Gordon crazy. However, the Joker had also left some tickets to the carnival with the police in the hopes that Batman would receive the invitation and arrive. After Batman arrived and dealt with the Joker's carnival freaks, the Joker himself tried to personally deal with Batman in an attempt to get him to see that all that it takes to drive people crazy is one bad day. However, Batman told the Joker that despite his sick little games, James Gordon was still as sane as he ever was. After a fight that ended with the Joker trying to kill Batman with a gun but only getting a CLICK CLICK CLICK flag gun instead, the Batman tried to offer some help for the Joker in the hopes that he might want to be rehabilitated, but the Joker refused the offer. Instead, he ended up telling a joke that made even the Batman laugh.


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