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The Joker was the arch-enemy of Batman. Even after his death, the memories of the Joker's crimes scarred Batman.

Having acquired alien weaponry from an unknown benefactor, the Joker attacked Arkham Asylum, erecting a force-field around the building that would only allow Batman, Robin and Batgirl to enter before forcing the various villains inside to fight each other for the 'honour' of the last one standing getting to live as his slave. Just as Catwoman knocked out the last villain, Batman entered the asylum, but the Joker's new power gauntlets allowed him to easily overpower Batman, subsequently capturing Batgirl and Robin when they tried to save their mentor. Laughing at his foes' helplessness, the Joker subsequently forced Batman to watch as he used his gauntlets to literally tear Batgirl and Robin apart, Batman unable to even close his eyes as he watched the Joker murder his partners. However, Catwoman regained consciousness just as the two teens died, lashing out at Joker and distracting him long enough for Batman to escape and damage his gauntlets, subsequently beating the Joker to death in a fit of grief-induced rage. Once the main threat had been dealt with, Batman submitted to the authorities to be put on trial for the Joker's murder, but the death was ruled as an act of war.

When dimensional anomalies threatened the universe, Batman was forced to face the Joker once again when the Clown Prince of Crime nearly managed to escape from Hell. Although Batman was willing to trap himself in Hell with the Joker to keep his foe contained, Batgirl and Robin appeared to their mentor to give him the strength to move on from his guilt over his failure to save them.



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