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Joker 2.0 was a digital copy of Joker made by accident. At first it was an A.I., later it's consciousness was transferred to Wayne Enterprises nano-bots.

When Marty, Joker's accomplice, invents a helmet that can make the Joker hack every computer system, he tries to use it in the bank. Batman and Robin appear and cause Joker's helmet to short-circuit, knocking him unconscious and creating a digital duplicate of himself. To stop him, Batman and Robin find him into a computer game, but Marty transfers him into some nanobots invented by Wayne Enterprises. In this new, near almighty form, the Joker returns to his lair. Meanwhile, the Joker wakes up in a hospital and returns, too.

The nanobot-Joker, who's calling himself Joker 2.0 now, teams up with his "brother" to steal jewels, but Joker 2.0 tricks him and leaves him in front of the shop. The Joker runs after him to the car where Marty, Harley Quinn, Punch and Judy are waiting. When Joker 2.0 tries to kill the original Joker, Batman and Robin save him, but Joker 2.0 absorbs metal to grow up. In this giant form, he tries to throw Batman, Robin, and the Joker away with a catapult but fails.

He then told the original Joker's gang that if they questioned him again he would 'delete' them as well along with Gotham which he planned to then recreate it with nanobots in his image. Batman then fights Joker in his armor, but Joker 2.0 is too powerful. When Robin recognizes that Marty is the player who always defeats him in an online game, he tells Batman to use a signal to transfer Joker 2.0's soul back to the game. When that's done, Joker 2.0 is defeated by Nightwing, Robin's avatar.


Other Characteristics

  • Mental Disorder: Like the original Joker 2.0 is criminally insane.
  • No Physical Body: Originally Joker 2.0 was an A.I it was changed when it was tranfered to nano-bot. Finally Joker 2.0 was defeated by putting it back to the original environment and destroyed there.
  • Vulnerability to EMP (Formerly): 2.0's nano-bots could be jammed temporarily by EMP blast. It later adopted to it and EMP no longer had an effect on him.




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