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Quote1.png From now on, we'll be more than a nuisance. The barking dog will become a rampaging elephant, the whoopee cushion a landmine! The joker...a king! Quote2.png

The Joker Clan was a gang of former henchmen that opposed Superman's Regime and attempted to revolt in the rebellious spirit of the Joker.


They accidentally bumped into Harley Quinn who, after defeating their previous leader, took control of the gang.[1]

Harley bonded with many members of the gang, giving them nicknames like Larry and Gary, before she was surprised by the arrival of an alternate reality Joker, who seduced Harley and claimed the gang for himself.

Under the leadership of the Joker, the Joker Clan began initiating more chaos rather than rebellions against the Regime, causing some of Harley's most loyal members to defect and invite her to a new crime-fighting group called the Harley Horde, which soon put a stop to the original gang.[2]

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