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 The Joker Dragons are Joker-inspired type of dragons from the Dark Multiverse.


The Joker Dragons are a type of dragons who hails from the Dark Multiverse that look like the Joker. It is currently unknown how they were originally created but they seem to be common to various Dark realities.[1][2].

During the Barbatos' invasion of Earth 0, the Joker Dragons were summoned by the Bat God to help the Dark Knights ravage the Earth.[1]

Later, the Dragons were shown flying around their dark Master after his arrival on Earth.[3] During the final showdown against the Dark Knights, after the Justice League used Element X to create Tenth Metal armors to defeat Barbatos and the Dark Knights, some Joker Dragons tried to burn the Leaguers alive but they were quickly defeated except for one Dragon who was hijacked by Batman and used to reach the place where the Batman who Laughs was hiding the Over-Monitor.[4]

Some time later, the Batman who Laughs was allowed to invade again Earth 0 by the Mother of the Multiverse, Perpetua. The Dark Night recruited again the Joker Dragons and the Dark Knights from all over the Dark Multiverse to create build an army who conquered and destroyed the reality, creating the so-called Metalverse.

The Joker Dragons were chosen to be the guardians of the living Castle Bat, a Bruce Wayne who fused with Gotham City itself, which had become the residence of the Batman who Laughs and his Knights.[5] Later, after the newest incarnation of the One who Laughs, the Darkest Knight, had become an omnipotent God and was fighting against Perpetua over the Multiverse's dominion, the army of Joker Dragons also became part of his Dark Multiverse army, along with the freshborn Last 52 Multiverse villains, and fought against the Earth 0's resistence.[6][7][8][9]

In a Dark Multiverse reality where an alternate Barbatos had won his invasion and conquered the universe, the Joker Dragons were part of the army of the new ruler of the Earth, an alternate Batman who Laughs. The Joker of this reality was also turned into a Joker Dragon and became a prisoner of the One who Laughs: he eventually freed himself and killed the evil Knight but he was later killed by the incarnation of Barbatos.[2]

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  • It is unknown if the Joker Dragons were originally humans who were turned into dragons or if they are naturally born this way.
    • The Joker's transformation leads to confirm the first hypothesis.

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