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The Jokercopter was a helicopter used by the Joker, copying Batman's Bat-Copter.



Joker was fed up with Batman's superior gadgetry, which played a part in foiling his criminal plots and so he built a series of Joker themed devices such as the Jokercopter (originally Jokergyro), which was his own themed vehicle, similar to Batman's Batgyro. This vehicle was colored white to resemble Joker's skin and also featured a Joker face on the front. The Jokercopter was equipped with parachutes that could be released to slow down any vehicle while in a chase and it was effective against the Batplane. However, the Jokercopter was soon decommissioned after Batman captured the Joker.[1]


The Joker used the theme vehicle during his plan to take over Guatemala. He used three Jokercopters to attack the country's militia, spraying Joker Venom on them. One of the vehicles was destroyed in the armed confrontation. This version of the vehicle was also equipped with a power-hose to repel enemies using water.[2]


  • There was also a short lived Jokerplane, which was utterly destroyed on its very first appearance.[3]

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