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The Jokermobile was a tricked out car used by the Joker, inspired by Batman's use of the Batmobile.


Joker was fed up with Batman's superior gadgetry that played a part in foiling his criminal plots and so he built a series of Joker-themed devices such as the Jokermobile, which was his own themed vehicle, similar to Batman's Batmobile. This vehicle however, had some functionalities that enabled Joker to perform feats that even the Batmobile could't such as creating a path of planks to pass through chasms and large potholes. Besides being colored white to resemble Joker's skin, the Jokermobile was equipped with machine guns in the rear and front and it was also bulletproof. However, this version of the vehicle was soon decommissioned after Batman captured the Joker.[1]

Joker started using a second Jokermobile and this time it was designed as a "silver arrow" racing car. Besides having the Joker face on the front, it is unknown if this version had any capabilities as its predecesor.[2]

The Joker designed a third Jokermobile, which he used to move around Gotham. He didn't use this vehicle for any particular criminal activities.[3] Shortly after, the Joker returned to the first model of the Jokermobile and used it during his alliance with Lex Luthor in Metropolis.[4]

Joker used the Jokermobile during his short-lived crime spree in Star City, where he kidnapped Dinah Lance. He was eventually stopped by Green Arrow, who caused the Joker to crash his vehicle on the Archway Bridge. The Jokermobile's front was damaged, but the vehicle could still run.[5] After this, Joker attached the Jokermobile to his mobile hideout called the "Ho-Home-On-Wheels" and travelled to Wisconsin.[6] After a long period of inactivity, Joker used his vehicle to kidnap Commissioner Gordon and lure Batman into a trap.[7] The Joker then used his vehicle to draw Batman's attention and to stun him with the giant punching glove that sprung from the trunk.[8]

The Jokermobile was retired when Joker started dating Harley Quinn, as he felt it was too corny. Eventually he took it out for one last spin at Harley's pleading, although it was retired permanently after he shot some teenagers for making fun of him in it.[9]

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