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The Jokerz are a street gang in Neo-Gotham who model themselves on The Joker.


The Jokerz are nihlistic and chaotic. They have no plans or ambitions other than to destroy and steal whatever takes their interest. They are individually weak but dangerous in large numbers.

After Brother Eye ravaged the world the Jokerz, lead by Terminal, took control of much of Neo-Gotham. Terminal claimed to possess the body of the true Joker, but this was in fact the comatose body of Bruce Wayne. Batman eventually managed to defeat Terminal and rescue Bruce. Terminal escaped but was murdered by the actual Joker, who had been posing as the janitor of his fortress.

The original Joker took control of a crew of Jokerz who he renamed the Throwbacks. He used the Throwbacks to fight Batman and Robin, planning a final confrontation with Bruce Wayne. Batman defeated the Throwbacks and, although Joker was able to torture the location of the Batcave out of Robin and break in to attack Bruce, he died of a heart attack almost immediately.

Batman cracked down hard on the Jokerz and almost eliminated them entirely, but a new band of clowns rose up to take their place, eventually seizing control of an area of the city they called "Joker Town".


  • A background image in Batman Beyond (Volume 6) #30 shows mugshots of various members of the Jokerz who appeared in the Batman Beyond animated series. Although they have not appeared in the continuity of the comics, this suggests the existence of earlier Jokerz gangs.

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