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Quote1.png Silly boy. Did you really think it was your fool of a father who could do all this? He's a stupid man. A man who never used his mind. And a mind is a terrible thing to waste. Quote2.png
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Jon Carter is the father of Booster Gold. He joined the Time Stealers as Supernova.


Living in the 25th century, Jon Carter was a chaotic man, constantly in debt because of his gambling habit. It is unknown if Carter was this way before he married. But this gambling problem caused him to leave his wife and twin children Michael & Michelle when they both turned the age of 4.

For more then a decade, the father never let anyone hear from him, until his gambling debts sky-rocketed. Debt collectors wanted to see money, and to make an example Carter's face was cut. Afraid, he turned to his only son for aid, Michael, an experienced college football player at that time. The father asked his son to rig a few of his games so he could make easy money. Unknown to the father, Michael had already done this to save his mother's life and was already blackmailed into continuing this gambling affair. Michael was caught and thrown out of college, robbed of his promising future. Carter himself ended up in prison, where he would stay awhile.

The Time Stealers

Carter was sprung out of jail by Rex Hunter of the Time Stealers, who needed a field agent. For Carter it was an easy choice: recreate himself as one of the greatest heroes in history, or spending 10 more years in jail. Somewhere in this time, Mister Mind took possession of his body by hiding near his left eardrum. Carter stole the Supernova Costume from his ancestor Daniel Jon Carter, and because of his genetic compatibility he could operate it and became the third Supernova.

As Supernova, he traveled back in time to manipulate Sinestro, who was at the time the greatest Green Lantern, to feel fear that would cause him to seek out Guy Gardner a few days before Hal Jordan was found by the deceased Abin Sur's Green Lantern Ring.

Supernova next attempted to hire Jonah Hex in the 19th Century to murder doctor Jeb Westfield, who was needed for the successful birth of

Wrong Skeets, it "is" an ancestor.

Jonathan Kent's great-grandfather Silas Kent due to a complicated childbirth. Supernova encountered Rip Hunter in the Timestream and knocked the Time Master out with a right hook and seeing his son for the first time in years. But after he reached his destination, Supernova was out of luck; Jonah Hex had no intention of accepting the deed. Supernova had to do the vile deed himself but both missions where undone by his own son and the droid Skeets.

Supernova made an attempt to erase Barry Allen's existence as the Flash, by placing a lighting rod that would prevent Barry from turning into the fastest hero alive. As usual his son arrived to stop him, but this time Supernova confronted his son on more equal terms - he arrived with back up. Rip Hunter fought Rex Hunter and for security droid Skeets there was Maximillion, a security droid of a higher class. Maximillion defeated Skeets, Rex Hunter was captured and Supernova and Maximillion were transported to another time period due to a stray lighting stroke after his son discovered his identity.

Supernova was picked up by his fellow Timestealers after they erased the now captured Rex Hunter from time and proceeded with the next step, the removal of Booster Gold. Mister Mind believed it wasn't in their best interest to kill the hero as Rip Hunter could easily pick a new successor, so the Timestealer chose to break the hero instead. Thanks to their newest member, the Black Beetle, they were ahead of schedule.

The Blue and Gold

Rip Hunter repeatedly warned Booster Gold that he shouldn't alter time as he wanted, but, thanks to the Black Beetle, he finally did. He prevented Ted Kord's originally fatal shooting by Max Lord, an act which had catastrophic results to the events of Infinite Crisis. The world turned into a grim one with the most powerful heroes either dead or imprisoned by Maxwell Lord's Checkmate. The Timestealers hoped Booster would acknowledge his mistake, return Ted to be killed and give up his title as Time Master but together with Ted he defeated Max Lord's rule and, unbroken, he planned to restore things without killing Ted. The Timestealers could not let this happen and attacked Booster and the remaining members of the Justice League International. Mister Mind revealed he was the brain of the operation and together with Maximillion he confronted the Blue and the Gold. Thanks to the timely arrival of Boosters sidekick Skeets, the trio managed to expel the Venutian worm from Carter's ear. In an attempt to blast the tiny villain Booster shot at Supernova but instead of hitting the worm, he took Carter's left ear.

Carter called his son a failure and passed out from the pain. Ted Kord, meanwhile, squashed Mister Mind, stole the Timestealers' timesphere and returned to the past to allow himself to be killed. As the Timeline corrected itself, all the time travelers were pushed to other times.

Carter's where- and when-abouts are currently unknown.



Supernova uses the Phantom Zone Projector to teleport objects. The suit also contains the Atom's white dwarf star size-changing belt and lasers capable of cutting through steel.



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