Jon Cryer (b. April 16, 1965) portrayed Lenny Luthor in the film Superman IV: The Quest for Peace, Felix Faust in the animated series Justice League Action and Lex Luthor in the series Supergirl.

Pictured: Jon Cryer as Lenny Luthor from Superman IV: The Quest for Peace

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Acting Credits

Superman IV: The Quest for PeaceJuly 24, 1987 Lenny Luthor
Justice League Action 2016-2018 Felix Faust
     "Hat Trick" April 8, 2017 Felix Faust
     "Forget Me Not" September 30, 2017 Felix Faust
     "Captain Bamboozle" May 31, 2018 Felix Faust
Justice League Action (shorts) 2017-2017 Felix Faust
     "The Goddess Must Be Crazy" December 7, 2017 Felix Faust
Supergirl 2015- Lex Luthor
     "O Brother, Where Art Thou?" March 17, 2019 Lex Luthor
     "The House of L" March 24, 2019 Lex Luthor
     "The Quest for Peace" May 19, 2019 Lex Luthor
     "Confidence Women" November 10, 2019 Lex Luthor
     "The Wrath of Rama Khan" December 1, 2019 Lex Luthor
Batwoman 2019- Lex Luthor
     "Crisis on Infinite Earths: Part Two" December 9, 2019 Lex Luthor
The Flash 2014- Lex Luthor
     "Crisis on Infinite Earths: Part Three" December 10, 2019 Lex Luthor

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