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Jon Farmer used to go by the name of Morningstar. A protege and second in command to c-space's parallel-counterpart of Earth-50's Jackson king; King One and operative of the 10,000 SPB strong inter-dimensional fighting force called, The Monarchy situated in a shift ship called The Throne. King-one and his precursor team were all subsequently wiped out by their realities Abraham Dusk a.k.a the living quantum virus. To save his partner in arms king-one jettisoned the young page through the prism; a multiversal artifact which powers the thrones headquarters before detonating it; sending him hurtling towards the bleed, a sort of gutters in the multiverse towards a backwater reality stream.

Morningstar eventually wound up on Earth-50 in early 1967 a hazy period in his life to say the least. At some point he was drafted into a superhuman task force rallied by Jenny Sparks to combat the threat of a living city from millions of years into the future. Then in 1981 after realizing the world was ill under it's own grief, decided to become a priest in order to help alleviate said grief but again his history from there on was still blurred. In the early 2000's Farmer went to the party on the carrier meeting various heroes primarily encountering The Authority's Apollo among others.

Stowing away on the Carrier as a bartender looking for other such superheroes in order to help him cure the world of it's woes. So far to no avail until the only prospect that came to his attention was Jackson King and Christine Trelane's reaching their epiphanies, respectively interacting with his own power set. Disparaged, he eventually returned to his own little parish in a church at downtown Chicago, only to have King and Trelane; the newly wedded couple search him out. A few months later. He was drawn out of hiding and had become a premier member of new Multiversal black Ops unit called the Monarchy.

In the times that followed he had been instructed by his new boss Jackson King; Now simply going by the moniker King, to act as a compatriot and moral guide for fellow Covert team member Union. Who after his own suicide was resurrected molecule by molecule By King & Trelane but with a majorly different persona from his previous life, having grown colder, darker and more willingness to act on the dirtier assignments king issue out and took to pushing the guilty more than protecting the innocent. So In a nutshell King had assigned Jon to save the dark hero's soul.

During an attack by Chimera and consequently The Higher Power. This twisted alternate reality version of The Authority created from their multiple intervals within the bleed thus encoding countless worlds with their ruthless trans dimensional pattern. Jon Sacrificed himself to allow his Team to escape the crown and into a secluded dimension, but surprisingly (depending on your motif) Jon hadn't died but become some state of higher being as a creature of pure energy. He assisted king in his final battle with the Higher Powers Mistress Midnighter as a multicolored thought blade, and then helped him purge Chimera's taint allowing King to restructure the Alter world into a colossal shift ship called The Throne.


Jon Farmers Powers weren't very well defined but throughout the series his abilities had changed indefinitely.

  • Super Liminal Projection (Formerly): As Morningstar Jon could control and project varying degrees of light energy for various purposes.[1]
    • Light Rays: able to project Beams, Blasts, Bursts and rays of pure concussive light off of his body.
    • Flight: could fly without the need of artificial means using nothing but simple thought.
  • Electromagnetic Warping: The true core of his power he'd been peddling at its lowest ebb, subconsciously using it to bend dimensions and manipulate EM based effects. King discovered the true basis of his power moments after both their deaths, utilizing it to help the rest of The Monarchy in order to restructure chimera's continuum into a mobile reality.[2]
    • Electromagnetic Energy Manipulation: Since his travels within the bleed and Fall to earth space has largely enhanced his normal power set. He could utilizes the majority of his old abilities but now he could control one of the four forces of reality to achieve a number of effects.[3]
    • Energy Absorption: has been able to absorb energy to an unknown degree, proven when he absorbed and harmlessly shunted the destructive energy released from a super powered adolescent who lost control of his abilities and would have exploded with the force of "13 Hiroshima's".[4]
      • Electromagnetic Energy Blasts: One of his most commonly used abilities is his power to emit EM force blasts of pure light from his body, e.i. his hand & Eyes for controlled effectiveness. Having once released a devastating technicolor light explosion with enough force to slam a crack in the space-time continuum shut.
      • Energy Enhanced Punches
    • Electromagnetic Energy Conversion: After his evolution Jon learned he could trans morph himself into a pure light energy consciousness and have complete control over his own substance.[5]
      • Density Control: while in a 3-dimensional light form he can control his own tangibility structure in various ways. He can be translucent like a hologram or be as inconsistent as hard light.
      • Dimensional Travel: In his light form Jon can traverse reality by phasing out of sync with the current universe he's situated in.[6]



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