Jon Haraldson was the immortal Viking Prince.

He was the son of King Rikk, and Odin determined that he would not ascend to Valhalla until he died a heroic death.[1]

He eventually met his heroic death in 10th Century Greenland by fighting alongside Hippolyta and Black Adam against the Frost King, sacrificing his own life to defeat him. Since then, Jon's spirit inhabited Valhalla's eternal halls, until he was summoned by Hippolyta to fight alongside the heroes of the present era against the Frost King, who had threatened to freeze the whole world in search of his lost family. Jon's aetheric body was merged with the empty elemental vessel created from the Swamp Thing and became the new champion of the Green.[2] After the Frost King's defeat, Jon refused to continue as an avatar and returned to Valhalla. [3]




  • Battle Ax[2]
  • Sword and Shield



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