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Jon Kent is the Great Architect and one of the Savanti, consisting himself, Lutor and Paula von Gunther, and led humanity from a dying Earth to live on a terraformed Mars.

There, he and Lutor built the great city of Metropolis, which was planned as a brainchild of Kent and made possible by Lutor's science; in which Jon became master of the city. Over time Lutor and Kent fell in love with the same woman, Marta, and creating a quarrel between the two. Ultimately Marta chose Kent over Lutor.

Jon and his new wife later founded a baby, a "foundling", from a crashed spaceship and adopted him as their son Clarc Kent-son. A year later, Jon came home from his work to find Marta murdered by a jealous Lutor, who in turn used advanced hypnosis to turn Jon into his mind-slave. Thus becoming a pawn to the true ruler of Metropolis. For years Kent's rule had been usurped by Lutor in creating a huge divide between the upper and lower classes. Because of this, a worker's revolution was to be taken place and Jon informed this to Lutor who plot to crush the uprising from happening. When Jon looked upon the revolutionaries' leader Lois, he realized how much she reminds him of Marta which started to gradually break down Lutor's mental conditions. Jon was ultimately killed by Lutor, but he was able to tell Clarc how much he and Marta loved him and requesting him to stop Lutor.