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Jon Standing Bear was a descendent of the great Iroquois hero Flying Stag. With the aid of the Manitou Stone, he had a short career as Super-Chief.

After the death of his mother, he was raised by his father and grandfather, who he claimed did a poor job.

Jon spent some time in prison. When his father died of liver failure, he came to Metropolis for the funeral. His grandfather told him about the legacy of Super-Chief and passed the Manitou Stone on to him. He then asked Jon to kill him. Jon obliged, suffocating the old man with a pillow.

As the new Super-Chief, Jon joined the Justice League of America, recently brought together by Firestorm. However, he was killed shortly thereafter by Skeets. In death, he encountered his ancestor. Flying Stag took the Manitou Stone from him and gave it to Ralph Dibny.




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