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In the 16th Century, Jon Valor was a privateer working on a commission from the English King, and always working to a strong moral code of justice.

In the 16th Century, calling himself the Black Pirate and dressing the part, Jon Valor roved the Atlantic Ocean, commanding a series of ships and leading a series of crews, not all of which survived.[1] He encountered and defeated many crews of pirates, and created unending problems for the Spanish Navy. He is responsible for ending the depredations of such infamous buccaneers as Captain Ruff,[2] Captain Treble,[3] and Captain Lu Chan,[4]

Later in his career, his Black Pirate identity brought him into conflict with his long-term adversary, Don Carlos, who at first wanted to commission Jon to hunt down the infamous Black Pirate.[citation needed]

The greatest prize of his long career was the lovely and vivacious Donna Bonita,[5] who eventually married him,[6] and bore him a son.[citation needed] As he came of age, young Justin Valor joined Jon in his adventures. The Valors made their home port on a persistently mist-shrouded island, in the vicinity of England.[citation needed]

Many years later, the two would separate, and Jon eventually found out that his son had been murdered. Accused of the crime himself, he was hanged, in the American port town that would eventually become Opal City. Before his death, he crafted a curse on the city, that no person who died there (nor his old crew) would rest until Jon's name had been cleared. He remained in that city for centuries, as a ghost.

During the Second World War, the Valor family's secret island harbor in the North Atlantic became visible, and the German Air Force attempted to establish an air base on it. They were foiled by a detachment of antiaircraft gunners, led by Captain Jon Valor, RN, and his son, Lieutenant Justin Valor, RAF, two 20th-century descendants of the original Black Pirate.[7]

By the late 20th Century, in what was now called Opal City, Jon Valor's restless spirit ended up helping the rookie superhero Jack Knight to fight a crime wave caused by the Mist. Jon helped Jack from the sidelines, slaying many of the Mist's soldiers. Eventually he contacted Jack directly and asked for his help, at the time also relating the circumstances of his own death. Knight promised to prove the Black Pirate's innocence. Before he could fulfill this, the murderous dwarf Simon Culp seized control of the situation and used Jon's curse for his own evil purposes. Culp's plans fell apart when the legendary detective Hamilton Drew, working with Ralph and Sue Dibny, proved that Jon was innocent. Not only was Jon's soul freed, every soul that had ever died in Opal was freed also.[citation needed]


  • Leadership
  • Piracy The "Black Pirate" was actually a privateer, but all of the same skills were involved in both professions.
  • Seamanship
  • Swordsmanship Jon Valor was an absolutely amazing swordsman, capable of engaging and defeating multiple enemies simultaneously.