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Quote1.png Seems you little ladies have tied your horse to the wrong saloon. This mine is off limits. Quote2.png
Jonah Hex src

Jonah Hex is a gunslinger of Earth-18; he was also the owner of the last Lazarus Pit in the Multiverse during the Crisis.

At some point in time, Jonah Hex came to own a mine in North Dakota which also contained a Lazarus Pit.

When the Crisis erupted, his Pit became last existing one in the Multiverse so Sara Lance and Mia Smoak came to this reality to got its waters in order to resurrect Oliver Queen who had previously died.

Upon arriving on the mine, the two heroes were confronted by Hex who asked them to leave his property, menacing to attack them. Jonah Hex tried to assault them after they refused but the two women overpowered him and Sara, who had already met his doppleganger in the past, scarred him like his Earth-1 counterpart and, then, Mia knocked him out.[1]

Jonah Hex's existence was erased after Earth-18 was annihilated by an anti-matter wave, sent by the Anti-Monitor[2]. He was later brought back to life when the Paragons restored the Multiverse and Earth-18 along with it.[3]



  • Gun
  • Knife

  • As it was also noted by Sara, this Hex is a doppleganger of the Jonah Hex of Earth-1.
    • This Hex seems to have a more evil personality than his doppleganger.