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Jonah Hex was a bounty hunter from the American Old West.

He was one of several Wild West adventurers recruited by Sheriff “Pow-Wow” Smith to save his town from an outlaw named Tobias Manning, who had taken it over using advanced technology stolen from David Clinton. They were joined by Batman, Wonder Woman and Green Lantern, who Hex instantly recognised as time travellers, claiming to have lead an “interesting life”. The heroes managed to defeat Manning, but Clinton escaped back to the future, persued by the time travelling heroes.[1]

Years later in 1883 a now elderly Jonah Hex accepted a bounty for Arkady Duvall. Duvall turned out to be part of a much greater scheme orchestrated by Ra's al Ghul to take over the government of the United States. Hex foiled the plan but he considered this largely ancillary to the capture of Duvall, who he successfully delivered to justice.[2]




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