Jonah Hex is a renowned bounty hunter in the American Old West.


Jonah Hex was born on November 1st, the son of Woodson and Ginny Hex. Woodson, a small farmer, was a gambler and a drunk, which did not do his marriage good. Jonah defended his mother every time his father laid his hands on her, and ended up getting the punishment himself. Unable to live with it any longer, Ginny left him and married a trader, Mr. Dazzleby.

Down on his luck, Woodson traveled to California during the Gold Rush. He was waylaid by Apache, and offered Jonah in return for safe passage. He was raised by them, befriending White Fawn and making an enemy out of Noh-Tante. Noh-Tante, still filled with hate for Jonah, doublecrossed him during a raid on the Kiowa, declaring he would never be an Apache. The boy was left for dead and found by passing settlers.

Years later, Jonah joined the Confederate States Army in the Civil War. He led a raid on a Union fort, which was a disaster. Cut down by Gatling guns, Jonah was wounded and most of his men dead. The fort commander, Colonel Akerman, had Jonah tied to a stake and whipped. He was then put on a raft to be carried down river as a warning to other rebels.

After being nursed back to health, Jonah returned to the Apache village, where he challenged Noh-Tante. He beat him, with a knife because Noh-Tante had sabotaged his tomahawk. However, for breaking the rules, Jonah was mutilated; the chief pushed a scorching tomahawk against his cheek.[1]

Guns and Gotham


During the 1880s, Amadeus Arkham was recruited by Detective Lofton of the Gotham City Police Department to help solve the case of the Gotham Butcher. Police Chief John Cromwell didn't take kindly to Arkham's theories, nor to the eventual recruitment of bounty hunter Jonah Hex, who had recently caused a stir by coming to town.

Even so, recognizing Hex's street smarts, Arkham suggested that the two of them join forces in performing a separate investigation into the case. Together, they uncovered Gotham City's sect of the Religion of Crime, and its relation to the Butcher case.

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Jonah Hex demonstrates his ability to kill everyone.



  • Jonah carries "a pair of Eagle-Gripped, Black Powder Colt Single Action .45's manufactured in the 1880s."[3]



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