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  • Mystically Mutated Transformation: Payne's exposure to an unnatural aquatic essence causes his transformation into the relentless eel like predator, Dead Water.[1] The change occurs due to a number of factors.[2]
    • Metamorphosis: Whole or partial body hydration coupled with aggressive emotional triggers causes the mystical transformation from Jonah Payne to Dead Water, gifting him with a host of different abilities allotted to him in is altered state.
    • Hydrokinesis: Dead Water could control a unique form of liquid substance that enabled him a great many water based powers.
      • Hydroportaion: Using water as a medium Jonah can transport himself anywhere there is a receptive source of aqua he can exit out of. Be it a cup of water, fish tank, garden hose or even a bathtub. [4]
      • Water Mimicry: Dead Water can manipulate the matter state of his own corporal being, able to shift from solid flesh to immaterial liquid to harmlessly avoid attacks.[3]


  • Tracking: As Dead Water, Jonah can trace anybody to any known location within the globe so long as the individual he's looking for is nearby a water source.


  • Dependency: Needs a steady source of fluids in order to become Dead Water.
  • Water Deprivation: Dead Water must remain wet for the change to be constant otherwise he reverts back to human form.



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