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Quote1 You see, my dearest Mouse and I were cooking up a little something special for Gotham, and it'll undoubtedly go down more smoothly without a Bat in the broth. Quote2
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Jonathan Cartwright, nicknamed Mouse by Alice, was the son of August Cartwright and a member of the Wonderland Gang with the hobby of stealing skin from dead people and assuming their identities. Eventually, he was killed by Alice after trying to abandon her.


Since kid, Jonathan was capable of perfectly recreating all aspects of anyone's personalities and mannerisms. After he was disfigured during an accident, he met Beth Kane and they developed a sibling-like relationship. Eventually, he became obsessed in assuming persons' identities by wearing their skin and was sent to Arkham Asylum. He then joined Beth's Wonderland Gang.[4]

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Other Characteristics


  • Skin grafts

  • This version of the character is exclusive to the continuity of the television series Batwoman and is an adaptation of Jane Cartwright/Jane Doe. The original character was created by Seth Boston and first appeared in the episode "Nothing's Shocking" of the series Gotham.
  • Jonathan Cartwright/Mouse was portrayed by Sam Littlefield as an adult and Nicholas Holmes as a child. Due to his shape shifting abilities, different actors took on the role, such as Matthew Graham when disguised as Dean Deveraux and Dougray Scott when disguised as Jacob Kane.



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