Johnny Chambers operated as the "mystery man" known as Johnny Quick during World War II, marrying his fellow All-Star Squadron member Libby Lawrence (Liberty Belle).

Sometime after the war, though, his marriage to Libby dissolved in a divorce, and he retired his identity as a superhero to focus on working as a newsreel documentator of superheroes, choosing to work at his own pace.

In 1949, Lance Gallant (Captain Triumph) and Paula Brooks (Tigress) got a hold of Tex Thompson's (Americommando) diary through his lover Joan Dale (Miss America) secreting it out of his grasp, revealing through it that not only is Tex Thompson the Ultra-Humanite in another guise, but also that Dynaman was really Adolf Hitler's brain transplanted into Daniel Dunbar's body prior to the transformation. Meanwhile, Carter Hall (Hawkman) unlocked the secrets behind Paul Kirk's (Manhunter) disturbing dreams and discovered that he had personally witnessed the Ultra-Humanite's brain being put into Thompson's body. Both Brooks and Hall contacted Chambers about these revelations, who in turn contacted some of his other fellow superheroes in order to figure out how to expose Thompson.

In 1950, Johnny Chambers showed up at the rally in Washington, D.C. where all costumed superheroes were to appear by Presidential decree to show their loyalty, having his former newsreel cameraman partner Tubby Watts film the entire thing for posterity. During the rally, Joan Dale publicly exposed Tex Thompson as being the Ultra-Humanite and attempted to also expose Dynaman as being Adolf Hitler in Daniel Dunbar's body when the Ultra-Humanite had Robert Crane (Robotman) silence her by murdering her in public. Rex Tyler (Hourman) took over for Joan Dale in the exposure of both Thompson and Dunbar, causing Dynaman to show his true colors and to attack the various superheroes present. When most of the gathered superheroes failed to stop Dynaman, Chambers became Johnny Quick once more to attempt stopping him, but also fell. Out of desperation, he brought forth Ted Knight (Starman) with his experimental new cosmic rod that he was going to use against Dynaman, but it was easily snapped in two. Nevertheless, Libby Lawrence used a broken piece of the rod and jammed it through Dynaman's weakened body, causing him to be electrocuted to death.

Some years later, Johnny Chambers is reunited and living with his ex-wife in the San Fernando Valley, considering re-tying the knot with her.


  • Superhuman Speed: By reciting the speed formula, 3x2(9YZ)4A, Johnny Quick could instantly access superhuman speed and the power of flight.
  • This version of the character is native to the JSA: The Golden Age series of stories.



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