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Scarecrow is is an ex-professor of psychology who uses a variety of experimental toxins to exploit the phobias of his victims. He is enemy of Batman.

Crane was imprisoned in Arkham Asylum during Shredder's and Ra's al Ghul plot to take over Gotham City. He and other Arkham inmates were later freed by the Joker, who sprayed them with mutagen. Scarecrow was transformed into a mutant crow, and subsequently went to the boiler room to wait for Batman's arrival. He was encountered by Leonardo and Batman. A battle occured during which Scarecrow managed to dose the Turtle with his fear gas, causing him to hallucinate that Crane was murdering his brothers and taunting him. Batman was able to reach through Leonardo's hallucinations which encourage Leo to defeat Crane.


As a mutated Crow


  • Psychology
  • Chemistry: Jonathan Crane is a proficient chemist and has used this skill to develop his infamous "fear toxin".
  • Intimidation: Crane knows just how to use his toxin for maximum effectiveness including understand how he will appear when victims are terrified with his toxin. He takes considerable delight in frightening people.




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