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Quote1.png I am fear incarnate. I am the terror of Gotham. I am the Scarecrow! Quote2.png
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Professor Jonathan Crane, better known as the Scarecrow, was an enemy of the Batman obsessed with the psychology of fear.

Jonathan Crane was a professor of psychology at the Gotham University until he was fired for his experiments in students by exposing them to fear. With vengeance in mind, Crane adopted the moniker of Scarecrow and started an attack spree as vengeance against the University. He was eventually stopped by Batman.[1]

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  • Hand-to-Hand Combat (Basic)
  • Intimidation
  • Pedagogy: He was a Professor of psychology at Gotham University, until he was expelled for his inhuman experiments on students.[1]
  • Psychology: A brilliant psychologist, Scarecrow has vast knowledge on the psychology of fear, primarily anxiety disorders.[1]
  • Toxicology: Crane's chemical genius brought him to develop a power fear-inducing aerosol that creates nightmarish hallucinations in the minds of anyone who inhales it. His toxin is usually dispersed in the form of a gas, but was also made into powder, darts, and capsules. One time, a powder version of Scarecrow's fear gas can easily absorb through the skin and, once the adrenaline is ignited whenever the victim is stressed, the chemical turns one's euphoria to fear.[2] He has even managed to create a chemical that removed fear, which would've been used perfectly for treatment of phobias and other anxiety disorders, but instead made the patient reckless and chaotic.[3]
  • Weaponry

Other Characteristics

  • Obsession: Since childhood, Scarecrow has become motivated by an obsessive need to create fear in others.
  • Phobia: Crane suffers from a severe case of chiropteraphobia (fear of bats).[1]


  • Fear-Toxin: Scarecrow uses a homemade toxin that makes the infected's fears completely real to them.

  • Scarecrow's design changed three times.
  • Crane made more appearances as an inmate at Arkham Asylum than as the story's main villain.


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