Scarecrow's suit has been adorned with laces of severed fingers from past victims — the bullies who tormented him in school. He is about to kill a former football player when the vampiric Batman appears, noting that Scarecrow is almost worse than him; he now has no choice but to kill, but Scarecrow has a choice and yet he chose to prey on innocents. Scarecrow blubbers that his victims were not innocent and that they tormented him and scared him. Batman then grabs Scarecrow's vial of fear toxin, crushing it along with the supervillain's hand, and cuts Scarecrow's head off with his own sickle, declaring that Scarecrow has no idea what fear really is.


  • In Batman: Crimson Mist, as James Gordon recounted the number of villains on the loose to Alfred, Gordon referred to Scarecrow as "another new freak," implying this was the first time the Scarecrow attacked in Gotham. Yet later on in the story, Scarecrow is shown to have a familiarity with Batman, which may mean he encountered him as Crane, and not Scarecrow.



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