Quote1.png YOU AREN'T PAYING ATTENTION!! I. Cured. Myself. You see, I feared the Scarecrow... And now we are one. Quote2.png
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Jonathan Crane is the son of Dr. Gerald Crane, a biology teacher who, after being too afraid to save his wife from dying in a fire, began to murder people for their adrenaline glands in an effort to concoct a fear toxin he hoped would cure him of his fears.

Testing an experimental version of the drug on his son Jonathan, the boy was rushed to the hospital after his father was shot dead by police, presumed by doctors to never be able to recover from his living nightmare.

After spending years in Gotham Asylum, Jonathan was handed over to a group of outlaws by corrupt Warden Reed, as they wanted to use his father's fear toxin for their heists. At this point Jonathan continued to hallucinate the Scarecrow figure as a bogeyman type figure, which the gang exploited to force Jonathan to replicate the formula. After being locked in a room with the Scarecrow, he hallucinated it attacking him. Jonathan eventually embraced his fear of the Scarecrow, and took it on as his identity and began donning it as a costume. When one of the thugs returned wanting more of the formula, Jonathan sprayed the man in the face with the toxin and strung him outside like a Scarecrow.

Jonathan returned to the asylum and attacked Warden Reed with the fear toxin, causing the man to hallucinate his fear: clowns. Jonathan took over the asylum and sprayed the patients with the toxin, and forced them to work for him and allowed them to run amok in the institute. When detective James Gordon infiltrated the asylum in order to arrest Jonathan, Jonathan recognised him as one of the cops who killed his father. Jonathan attacked Gordon with the fear toxin, causing Gordon to hallucinate his worst fear: his ex-girlfriend Leslie Thompkins committing suicide in sorrow. Jonathan attempted to use this to convince Gordon to commit suicide, however Gordon overcame the fear toxin and continued to pursue Jonathan. After a battle with the inmates, Gordon managed to set off the sprinklers which managed to kill off the effects of the fear toxin and stop the rabid inmates. But during this chaos, Jonathan managed to escape.


  • Chemistry: While not a Scientist like his father, Jonathan is able to recreate the Fear Toxin his father created. He also seems knowledgeable in some other aspects of Chemistry as he states he will need to rework the formula and create a new batch of Fear Toxin after Jim Gordon is able to overcome the version of the Toxin used on him. He was also able to develop Jerome's laughing gas.


  • Phobia: Jonathan has a fear of the scarecrow that hangs on his family's property. However, once he became the Scarecrow he seems to have overcome this fear.
  • Mental Illness: After being doused with his father's fear toxin, Jonathan is mentally unstable, unable to shake the hallucination of an animated scarecrow.




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