Crane was a psychology professor studying the affects of fear on the brain when he saved the life of the young Bruce Wayne. With Bruce having no living relatives, the state gave Crane custody of the boy and he began training him to become a crimefighter. Unbeknownst to Wayne, Crane had been lacing Wayne's water supply with a mild mind control drug that made him do anything Crane said more or less without question. On Bruce's first night out as Batman, he is unmasked by the Joker. Crane believed that Wayne's career was over, but the public fell in love with the idea of one who lost everything doing what he can to keep the city safe and they elected him permanent leader. Crane continued to manipulate Wayne well into adulthood, until he developed a drug that would put people with criminal tendencies in a comatose state for weeks. Wayne allowed him to use it in the city's water supply, but just as he was about to release it, Anarky and a group of other traditional Batman villains burst through a nearby wall and try to stop them. Crane releases his gas on them, but it has no affect on Anarky, as children are exempt from the effects, and Crane pulls off his holographic projector belt to reveal Anarky's secret. Shortly after he does this, Anarky activates a bomb in his belt that kills Crane, but not before he reveals to Bruce that he had been controlling him ever since he was a child.




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