Jon Drake was the leader of the Establishment, a secret British government-sponsored super-group. Upon speaking the word "Abraxas", he becomes Templar.

Jon Drake has been a member of the British intelligence community for decades, a good portion of it as a member, and then leader, of the Establishment, which had been protecting Britain since the 16th Century.

It is unknown whether Templar has always been a part of Drake, or whether the two were at some point joined, but the Templar was a powerful British superhuman who was rumored to have died in China during the '60s. It is also unknown what happened to drive him insane.

During the '80s, Drake teamed up with Charlie Arrows and and the sorcerer Jack Carter to break up a Daemonite cell led by Kenyan.

He led the operation against the Daemonite invasion at Hobb's Bay, and the subsequent battle over London, which resulted in the Establishment's existence becoming known to the public, against his better judgment.

The group soon met the astronauts returning from a mission to Venus in the 1950s, but these turned out to be artificial recreations of the astronauts, created by the organic nanite Venusians, who then burst open into a constantly growing swarm, adapting all matter they came across. Mr. Pharmacist managed to destroy the Venusians, and then the Establishment used their technology to saturation bomb Venus with a biological agent designed to eradicate the Venusians, wiping out all Venusians, or so they believed (a few of those on Earth had been acquired by Dr. Orwell).

Drake was then contacted by an acquaintance in the Russian government, who sought the groups help battling an outbreak of zombies. They discovered that Russian scientists had traveled to Dead Space, and creatures from there had begun traveling to Earth. The Establishment's power proved insufficient to close the portal, and Drake was forced to release the Templar to take care of it. He then caused the Templar intense pain until he relented, and changed back to Drake.

When they returned to Nowhere, they were met by Mother, the creator of Nowhere. He warned them that his brother, Dr. Orwell, was traveling to the end of the universe, intending to replace Metavac. The Establishment accompanied him, but when they reached the end of the universe, they discovered that Dr. Orwell had been replaced in his own scheme by the Venusians, who proceeded to try and destroy Metavac. While unable to defeat them alone, the Establishment bought time for Charlie Arrows to contact Metavac, and protect it from the Venusians.

World's End

Following Armageddon, Jon Drake was contacted by Russian Colonel Yvgney Strelnekov, a former garrison commander of a subterranean facility on Wrangel Island, who alerted him of a activated doomsday weapon, the War Golem and its priority in laying waste to what is left of the United States. Drake and Strelnekov trekked to Wrangel Island to deactivate the War Golem, but only to be ambushed on the way by robot zealots of the Church of Gort. Strelnekov was killed over a single Halo Battery the zealots were after, and Drake managed to contact Stormwatch for help.[1] He informed the UN team of the War Golem and teleported with them to Wrangel Island. However, the War Golem was eventually activated. Fortunately, while searching through the facility Drake discovered that a man whose brain is connected to the Golem, acting out it's central processing unit. Link accurately deduced that the only way to shut down the Golem was by playing a scenario in the man's mind to show himself "die". After the Golem's destruction by Winter, Jon bid farewell to Stormwatch on other important visits.[2]


  • Power of the Templar: By saying the word "Abraxas" he becomes a being in an alternate superpowered body.

  • Jon Drake seems to be based on the character of the same name from the television show Danger Man and its possible sequel, the seminal The Prisoner.
  • Jon Drake's transformation into Templar using the magical word "Abraxas" is a nod to the comic series Miracleman.



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